ROYALTY By Mary Ellen Lively

Here is another treasure from the pen of my friend, Mary Ellen Lively. Enjoy!
As I was leaving my favorite local grocery store recently, I saw a family of four. (No doubt they too were armed with coupons and a budget that some specialty item or unadvertised bargain would try to derail.)  The father carried his young son as the mother walked with purpose slightly ahead of them. However, it was the daughter who caught my attention. She was about five years old and unlike her rather casually clad relatives, she was dressed like a Disney princess.  I had found yet another kindred spirit. As I drove off, I laughed and said, “Sometimes you have to wear your princess costume and mingle with the commoners!”
When the King of Kings and Lord of Lords came to earth, He “mingled with the commoners.” Their lives and subsequently, our lives, were changed forever.  His royalty and His majesty are undeniable. And as joint-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17), we have a perspective and an inheritance like none other. Yes, there are some days when we may feel like we are sitting among the ashes waiting for our circumstances to change, but we know that our victorious Redeemer lives and that He gives beauty for those ashes (Isaiah 61:3). Glass slippers, robes and scepters may not be our style, but we are royalty nonetheless. And one day, the crowns we receive will be given back to Him as an act of worship!

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