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That Forbidden Tree

Eve in the garden looked at the forbidden tree and saw that it was good to eat, not poison, that it was beautiful to look at, not ugly or repulsive, and that it would give her knowledge she did not possess. She wanted it.

Evaluating that tree out of her own powers of observation and understanding led her into disagreement and outright rebellion against God. The ONLY thing that told her that tree was bad was the word of God: God had said, “Do not eat from it or you will die.”

Eve said, “I think I will try it out and see for myself.”

Not only did Eve decide that she knew better than God, but she also came to the conclusion that God was not good— He was keeping something from her that would benefit her life. How quickly she rebelled in her heart, in her thinking, and in her action!

Human nature was shaped forever by the original sin of Adam and Eve in that garden. We too so often let some lack we see in our life bring discontentment and cause us to question God’s goodness. Why won’t God give me what I ask for? Why does God withhold from me? This would be so good for me; why does God not do something? I am following Him with my whole heart; why does God not bless me as I ask?

The end of such thinking is rebellion against God and bitterness of heart. Jesus said, “Only God is good.” (Luke 18:19) Anything, therefore, that brings into question His goodness is evil. God gives and withholds good things from His children according to the timetable of His choosing. Trusting Him is an act of faith, faith that is often unreasonable and contrary to my own evaluation of what is needful and good. Funny thing is, I can always find people who will agree with me concerning my lack . It’s human nature that goes back to that tree in the garden.


Almost all the Christians I know are waiting for something in God. Whether it be freedom from a besetting sin or for a promise of God to be manifested in your life, almost nothing in God comes instantly. God is as interested in the process as in the fulfillment because our relationship with Him is formed in the process. Every wait is an opportunity to choose to trust God or to trust ourselves. May we all remember His goodness in the midst of our lack.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

And do not lean on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6.